My Concierge Coaching services are for the 21st-century woman. No gym? No problem!  I travel locally to you directly to help you create YOUR fit as we inspire and workout together.  Don't live in the Greater Houston area?  Modern technology for the win with Zoom, Skype and/or FaceTime!  I have several packages available to you after our initial Health & Fitness Assessment.  Every package is customized.  

I'm on my own journey and don't look like a typical Personal Trainer, but my education and personal experience prove healthy and fit comes in all shapes and sizes. Having recently been diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphedema and Lipedema, our keys to our success will be motivation, hard work, and inspiration with balance.  Create your fit with me at CyFit Freedom today!  


Do you have a friend you like to work out with to help keep you motivated?  Sign up together for the CyFit Freedom #JustMoveYall Weekend Workshop!


One on one personalized training plans that help you DO YOU!  CyFit Freedom will Create Your Fit with a variety of packages structured towards achieving your goal.


Based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), we will focus on achieving your fitness goals with Stabilization, Strength and Power.  What does this mean for you? CyFit Freedom's personalized coaching plans will Create Your Fit as we Inspire Together.


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The World is Our Gym.

Tel: 832-422-6378


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